Our Approach

vous pouvez vérifier ici We are all in from beginning to end !   We apply our Legacy Continuum founded on experiential learning to facilitate the natural evolution of personal or business models and legacies.   We partner with clients to discover, define, achieve, and sustain their legacy through purposeful engagements in Leadership and Organizational Excellence learning, consulting, and mentoring activities.

Our Story

The Blackmer Group, INC is founded on experience and expertise associated with 20+ years of service, leadership development, organizational excellence, and managing high functioning teams across diverse, complex, and large scale organizations and operations to include international enterprises.

Excited To Meet You!

The Blackmer Group is comprised of Shane's ever-expanding network of professionals who understand the power of team and share passion for enabling others in their professional and personal journeys.

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Shane Blackmer

Owner & President

Hi, I am Shane Blackmer, a Michigan native and Wolverine forever!

I am a Servant Leader with 20+ years of experience in leading Operations Management and Organizational Excellence and am at my best working with people, processes, and experiential learning to improve organizations and communities by identifying, elevating, and developing value in others.

I am an operational leader who builds and leads high performing teams through mutual trust, respect, and a commitment to excellence; inspires through passion; and equally commits to the team and mission.

I approach operations and projects with the end in mind, develop a targeted plan, and ensure constant evaluation of progress, successes, and opportunity to improve.  I strive to create a stable professional environment allowing team members to operate in a standardized manner with enough flexibility for innovative solutions. 

My passion is to inspire others, to teach, and to serve.  Finding, joining, empowering, and enabling the talents, abilities, and passions of others is a force multiplier for operations and is the driving force in my work.  It is what I get out of bed for in the morning.

Authenticity and transparency are hallmarks of my leadership, teaming, and communication style.  My mission is to understand the questions being asked two levels beyond the current challenge and what is keeping my teammates and customers up at night.  These are my measures and metrics. 

I have one mode when joining a team…all in!  There is no job that is too big or too small.  I am a doer and continually seek opportunities to influence the big picture, roll up my sleeves, and get to work.

Looking in the Mirror:  The Blackmer Group, INC

  • Service Oriented:  Success determined through value gained by others
  • Community Focused:  What is best for the whole will benefit the individual
  • Future Driven:  Good decisions based on “opportunity” rather than “past performance”
  • Collaborative Nature:  No boundaries limiting creativity, possibility, or productivity
  • Program EnablerFill the Gap--Provide opportunities to leverage, execute, & enhance existing programs and initiatives
  • Volunteer Friendly:  Encourage and reward neighborly behavior

Connect and Discover

Thank you for visiting our site and we are available to answer any questions you might have regarding our Legacy Journey and assist you with connecting to those in our network who can best address your questions or needs.